Client testimonials

"Fairholme International's in-depth reach into Equity Derivatives sales candidates and detailed mapping of the current landscape, along with their market intelligence, has been extremely valuable to me when making hires into my group. They are methodical, forthright yet not too pushy and get the job done discreetly."

Head of Equity Derivative Flow Sales, New York City, Major Investment Bank

"Having worked with Fairholme International for a number of years, I can confidently say that their team of professionals has consistently delivered an exceedingly high level of Trading candidates as well as global market intelligence which I find very valuable."

Head of Equity Derivatives Trading for Pan Asia, Hong Kong, Major Investment Bank

"I have worked with Stephen Fairholme on a number of hires. His firm's in-depth knowledge of the landscape, thorough coverage of Index Flow, Exotics and Hybrid traders, means that I always know the landscape outside our own bank. They are discreet and pay attention to all details of the search."

Head of Equity Derivatives Trading, London, European Investment Bank

"The recent convergence of asset classes reflected in the demand for bespoke product by our Institutional and Retails clients has lead us to change the make-up of our Financial Engineering and Product development. Fairholme International understood these changes were able to search the market in London across cross-asset structurers, which enabled us to rebuild our team with a diverse set of Fixed Income, Credit and Commodity related expertise. This has enabled our desk to produce hybrid products at the leading edge of innovation. The firm’s ability to understand all asset classes enabled us to build the right financial engineering and product development team quickly. I would recommend the firm to anyone searching within the Equity or Hybrid arena."

Head of Financial Engineering (EMEA & Americas), London, Major Investment Bank

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Candidate testimonials

"I was very impressed with Fairholme International's out-of-the box approach to one of their searches, which resulted in the recruitment consultant putting me forward as a candidate for a role that was quite different from my immediate experience. Their creative thinking and trust they had built up with the client led to me joining their client's practice and embarking on a challenging and rewarding career path."

Vice President, Global Equity Derivatives Group, London, Major Investment Bank

"Having worked in the financial industry for nearly two decades, Fairholme International's had a challenging task in identifying a high profile role for me at one of the leading financial institutions. They handled the recruitment process with a high degree of discretion and professionalism, all the way from initial introduction to final negotiations."

Managing Director, Global Equity Derivatives Group, New York, Major Investment Bank

"I was introduced to Fairholme International a few years ago while working for an investment bank in New York. It had been my desire to relocate to Hong Kong for personal reasons but I found it difficult to persuade employers that my skill set aquired in the US is not only valuable but also immediately transferable. Using their excellent relationships with employers, Fairholme International have helped me identify suitable roles and articulate my credentials in a powerful manner. After a number of interviews organized by Fairholme International, I received a job offer and I am now working in Hong Kong, in an excellent role."

Director, Global Equity Derivatives Group, Hong Kong, Major Investment Bank

"I initially contacted Fairholme International to get a feel for the local Equity Derivatives market in Hong Kong as I had been in my original role for a number of years. They provided a honest and full account of the landscape (both positive and negative aspects relating to my position) and set up a number of introductions with relevant hiring managers. These meetings led to me joining a top tier investment bank in a broader Volatility Trading role."

Director, Global Equity Derivatives Group, Hong Kong, Major Investment Bank

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