Stephen Fairholme is the lead consultant for North American searches. Please contact him if you wish to discuss opportunities in this region further.

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New York and the USA are at the heart of our search business for Equity Derivatives, with New York being the world's financial capital. Shortly after Fairholme International Ltd was set up in London, the firm established a US presence as well, headquartered in New York. The majority of the firm's searches and placements are focused on the Greater New York area but we also work on mandates for the West Coast and Canada. We work both with American firms and European firms with a strong presence in the North American markets. Additionally, we have been able to capitalize in a timely manner on key dynamics in the markets and engage with new entrants in the equity derivatives space, such as Canadian firms, and assist them in their expansion efforts. We find that the North American market remains very dynamic and the region represents a key focus for our firm, where we have registered the most activity to this date and we continue to have high expectations for the future.

Stephen Fairholme and Natasha Colwell-Lyons share responsibility for European searches. Please contact them if you wish to discuss European opportunities further.

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With its headquarters in London, Fairholme International Ltd has been covering the UK and European equity derivatives markets since the firm's inception in 2002. Having witnessed the evolution and unexpected cycles in the financial markets for over a decade, we have grown increasingly knowledgeable of our clients needs both in times of expansion and downsizing, and our business has continued to thrive despite challenges in economic conditions. The majority of our searches and placements are for London based positions but we are also active in Continental Europe, with a focus on Western Europe (e.g., Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich). Our key relationships are with the bulge bracket banks - both the European banks and the American banks with strong presence in Europe - but we also work closely with smaller banks, which have hired opportunistically over the past 5 years in order to build expertise in selective disciplines of equity derivatives.

Natasha Colwell-Lyons is the lead consultant for Asia-Pacific searches. Please contact her if you wish to discuss opportunities in this region further.

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The Hong Kong presence was initially set up to capitalize on the opportunity to transfer talent and international skill-sets from the North American and European markets to the Asian region. With many high calibre candidates of Asian origin working in the USA and Europe, we identified a unique opportunity to transfer them to international banks based in Hong Kong. After a number of successful cross-boarder placements, Fairholme International Ltd has also developed its local market intelligence and have now completed many successful onshore placements within Equity Derivatives. Although the Equity Derivatives market in the Asia-Pacific region is smaller than that of both the European and North American regions, Asia continues to remain a key priority area for our firm and we have dedicated resources to expand our client relationships and identify high calibre individuals for our mandates.